Invest in Salsa Today!

Don’t miss out on the investment opportunity of a lifetime from JAMESPARRA.COM. Invest in our handcrafted, artisan liquor, Salsa, the Spice of Life Honey Pepper Whiskey. When you’re looking for a new project that is highly profitable, look no further. We are looking for a $3 million joint venture arrangement, which will earn you 49% of the company.

What Your Investment Goes Toward

Earn some major profits and become part of the American Dream, the American Revelation. Our team works with an attorney and accountant, and everything we do is 100% clean and fair. We use $1 million in media in talent such as J.Lo, Bruno Mars, Pit Bull for advertising, $1 million in inventory of the product, and $1 million for sustenance and maintaining the operation. Currently, we are looking for people with capital who are interested in getting involved with a promising joint venture.

We Understand Our Target Market

This is a well-known, strategic market that we are more than familiar with, the Hispanic market. They spend over $1.2 trillion a year in the American economy, and we market specifically toward our targeted market and fit right into their lifestyle. Our product caters to people in night clubs, salsa dancing, and various luxuries, and when anything else becomes popular, we stay on top of it.

About Salsa

Just one taste and you will be amazed. Our whiskey has an elegant taste from the bourbon, honey, and heat, which comes from the chili pepper. The warmth of the drink is silky, which goes down smoothly. When you see it, you only want to taste it. This is the perfect moneymaking opportunity, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in Salsa, the Spice of Life.

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